Friday, 14 March 2014

Move Installed Apps To SD Card In Android

Android gives you freedom to install many different kinds of applications in your phone. Thanks to developers who are working everyday really so hard and adding more and more interesting apps to your collection with each coming day. Whenever you open google play store or any other android apps store to download some game or app , you see numerous choices over there. Even if you search for a particular app , in results you see several choices of apps from different developers for doing the same thing. But apart from these choices for apps and great supporting capability of Android OS , the major drawback is that in most of the versions of Android , Apps are installed in phone memory by default and if you are installing apps frequently , either you should have a large phone memory or you have to compromise with performance of your phone.
But you dont need to worry , here I am telling you a great way to transfer all your installed apps into SD card without affecting their working. In some versions of Android there is a default option available to do this task but most of other versions are lacking to do so.

Move apps to sd card manually

It is so easy to move apps to SD Card manually and takes a few minutes only.
Click on Menu Button /Application Button on Home screen.
Go to Settings.
Select Applications Option from the given choices.
Then click on Manage Applications.
It will show some apps of your device now switch to ALL tab present at top All apps will be displayed.
Now click on any app and you will see option move to SD Card.

AppMgr III

is a specialized app to move all installed apps from your device's phone memory to SD Card.It is a great app being used by more than 120,457 people worldwide. It is a multipurpose app which is capable of not only moving apps between memory of your phone but also hide several apps of your choice. It will help to clean up your device's phone memory by moving the apps to available SD Card and also by cleaning cache of apps in one click. Simply download and enjoy this app from link given below :


Some of the key features of AppMgr III are :

. Move apps from phone memory to SD Card in seconds.
. Hide Apps of user's choice.
. Notification for any app installation.
. Capability to clear cache of any app in one click.
. Allows sharing of apps.
. Different sorting methods : Type / Name / Date of installation.
. Availability of Home Screen Widgets.
. Voted 5 star app by 81000+ people.
. Extremely light weight ( 2.3 Mb only )
I hope by using above methods you will be able to move your apps to SD Card and free up some space of your phone memory to enjoy optimized performance of your device.


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