Saturday, 8 March 2014

Automatic Wallpaper Changer - Android

Wallpapers adds richness to your smartphone. If you own an expensive phone and your wallpaper is dull then we can say that there is no considerable grace of your phone. Because of this , people are always looking forward to collect attractive and cool wallpapers for their phones. Despite of this fact , it is very tiring process to browse all the wallpapers present in your phone , select one good among them and then set it as Home Screen Wallpaper. So here I am going to share an amazing app of android by using which you will get rid of the headache of manual process of changing wallpapers in your phone.


Step 1 :

First of all you will need Wallpaper Changer app in your phone. So download and install wallpaper changer from Google Play Store link given below :


Step 2 :

Run the app and mark the list of wallpapers that you want to be used by this app for shuffle process. Browse the wallpapers from Gallery or from any other specific folder and add it to changing pane.

Step 3 :

Set some customized settings as per your requirements like whether or not you want to start it when your phone boot up , change order of wallpapers ( Sequence / Random ) , custom delay time between change of wallpaper etc. as shown in following screenshot.

Step 4 :

Now simply save the settings done above , sit back and enjoy the automatic change of wallpapers on your phone.

Some Key Features Of Wallpaper Changer :

Optimized battery life
Optimized performance
No additional memory is required all the time
Uses resources only when change is to be made
Add images from gallery as well as File manager
Timer for changing images
Change wallpaper of each Lock screen , Home screen
Ordered or Random wallpapers rotation
No Ads
It is a great customizing app for your Android smartphone. If you wish your phone to stay updated and you are likely to change all the time then definitely this app is for you.


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